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Guide to Create Material Master | SAP Materials Management

 How to Create Material Master

Material master data refers to all material master records recorded in the SAP system in SAP MM modules. Based on material type, the material master is the central source of information for a material in numerous application areas "purchasing, storage, accounting, sales, Plant and etc.,. Material master data is kept at the plant level in SAP MM, while accounting data is kept at the valuation area level. The valuation area is a level of organization where materials are valued. A plant or a company code can be used to value something.

Steps to create material Master in Sap MM 

Transaction code (T.Code) : MM01

Method One to Open Material Master Enter MM01 in the SAP commend area as shown below.

Method Two to Open Material Master  shown below Image.

Expand Sap Menu-->Expand Logistics-->Expand Materials Management-->Expand Material Master-->Expand Create(General)-->Click on MM01-Immediately.

Step 1 : Enter Industry Sector and Material Type

In our Scenario Industry Sector : Mechanical Engineer 

                            Material Type : Raw Material(ROH) and Click Enter to Continue.

Step 3 : Select Required Views, In My Case Selected

  • Basic Data 1
  • Purchasing
  • General Plant Data / Storage 1
  • Accounting 1
Click on Check mark or Org Levels or Enter to Continue.

Step 4 : Now Enter Created Plant  and Storage Location

In our case we created 
  • Plant : LU1
  • Storage Location : VSKP
Click Hereto Know : How to create Plant in MM 

Step 5 :  Enter Material Name and Fill other required data

  • Material Name : Steel
  • Basic unit measure : Kg
Click on Enter to Continue.

Step 6 :  Now Enter Required Fields

  • Purchase Group : LU7
  • Material Group : LU0R
Click Here to Know : How to Create Purchase Group
Click Here to Know : How to Create Material Group

Step 7 : No need to fill any data click enter to continue. If required fill it and continue

Step 8 :  Enter Valuation Class and Price Control , Moving Price or Standard Price

  • Valuation Class : 3000
  • Price Control : V 
  • Moving Price : 10
If You choose Price control S ,Fill standard price . Click enter and continue.

Step 9 :  Click on Yes to Create Material Master

Material Master Created Successfully :)

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