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Define Material Type Number Ranges | SAP Materials Management

 Define Material Type Number Ranges

Steps to create material groups in Sap MM 

Transaction code (T.Code) : MMNR

Navigation Path : SPRO-->Sap Reference IMG-->Logistics General-->Material Master-->Material Types-->Define  Number Ranges for Each Material Type.

Step 1 : Enter SPRO in the SAP commend area as shown below.

Click on SAP Reference IMG

Step 2 : Expand Logistics General--> Expand Material Master-->Expand Material Types-->Click on Number Ranges for Each Material Type

Step 2 : Click on Maintain Groups

Step 3 : Select Created Material Type "LU7" and Click on "Create".

Step 4 : Give Number ranges without overlap and click on save button,  follow below image

Successfully created Number range for Material Type :)

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