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Materials Management



1. Organization Structure
01.Define company

02.Define company code

03.Assign company code to company

04.Define plant

05.Assign plant to company code

06.Define storage location

07.Define purchasing group

08.Define purchase organization

09.Assign purchasing organization to company code.

10.Assign purchasing organization to plant

11.Assign standard purchasing organization to plant

12.Assign purchasing organization to reference purchasing organization

2. Material Master Data
01.Define Material Type

02.Define Material Groups

03.Define Material Type Number Ranges

04.Assign Material Type Number Range

05.Define Material Master

3. Vendor Master Data
01.Define Vendor Account Group

02.Define Vendor Account Group Number Ranges

03.Assign Vendor Account Group to Number Range

04.Define Vendor Master Data

4. Master Data
01.Purchase Info Record

02.Define Source List at Plant Level

03.Source List Manual Creation

04.Source List Automatic Creation

05.Maintain Quota Arrangement

5. Purchasing 01.Create Purchase Requisition

02.Create Purchase Order with Reference to Purchase Requisitio

03.Create Request For Quotation

04.Create Contract | Outline Agreements

05.Create Scheduling Agreements

6. Define Document Types for Purchase Orders 01.Standard Purchase Order

02.Stock Transfer Purchase Order

03.Framework Order/ Blanket PO

7. Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents

Available Soon

8. Pricing Procedure

Available Soon

9. External Service Management

Available Soon

10. Physical Inventory

Available Soon

11. Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types

Available Soon

12. Valuation and Account Determination

Available Soon

13. Invoice Verification

Available Soon

14. MM Integration With WM

Available Soon

15. MM Integration With FI

Available Soon

16. MM Integration With SD

Available Soon

17. MM Integration With QM

Available Soon

18. MM Integration With PP

Available Soon


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SAP MM Interview Questions

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