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Define Storage Location in SAP MM

 Define Storage Location in SAP MM

The sub-division of a facility where inventories are physically stored and maintained is referred to as a storage site. Within a plant, each storage location might have a unique address.

A minimum of one storage location per plant is required.

A single plant can contain multiple storage areas.

A Storage Location is an organizational entity that varies between a Plant's various material stocks. The term "storage site" refers to the physical location where inventory is held. Multiple storage areas might be found within a plant. A storage site's data is stored at the storage location level. Create a Storage Location by following the steps below.

Steps to create storage location in Sap MM 

Transaction code (T.Code) : OX09

Navigation Path : SPRO-->Sap Reference IMG-->Enterprise Structure-->Definition-->Material Management-->Maintain Storage Location

Step 1 : Enter SPRO in the SAP commend area as shown below.

Click on SAP Reference IMG

Step 2 : Expand Enterprise Structure--> Expand Definition-->Expand Material Management-->Click on Maintain storage location follow below image

Enter Plant : LU1 and click enter.

Click on "NEW ENTRIES"

Enter  Storage Location and Description follow below image


SLoc: AP        Description : Amaravati Plant

SLoc: TS        Description : Hyderabad Plant

SLoc: ND        Description : New Delhi Plant    

Click on Save.

Select One Storage location for example Select AP and Click on Address of storage locations. 

Enter following details in Address of storage location

Example : 

Name : Latest Updates

Postal code/city : xxx09

Country : IN

Click on save.

Repeat above steps for other two storage locations TS & ND . That's it.

Storage location created :)

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