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SAP MM Interview Questions And Answers

 SAP MM Interview Questions And Answers

SAP MM interview questions and answers are useful for those preparing for interviews. In this article, we will look at some of the most common SAP MM interview questions and provide examples of answers.

01. What Is The Purpose Of Material Valuation ?

Material valuation in SAP MM module is necessary to determine the stock value of materials.

02. How Material Valuation Is Associated With Financial Accounting ?

Material valuation in MM module is associated with Financial Accounting as any change in the stock value also updates the G/L account in Financial Accounting.

03. What Is Valuation Area ?

Valuation area is the organizational level at which the material valuation is carried out.

04. What Is The Release Procedure ?

The release procedure allows you to create condition records for the planning process. It is used to creating Purchase Requisitions (PR), Purchase Orders (PO), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Outline Agreements, and Service Entry Sheets.

05. How To Release Blocked Purchase Documents ?

You can release a blocked purchase document by using your release code. This process is called the release transaction. After you have released the document, you can also cancel the document using the same release code.

06. How Many Procedures Are Available To Release Purchase Requisition ?

There are two types of procedures available to release purchase requisition 

With classification : In this procedure, you can release the purchase requisition both at item level and in total. 

Without classification : In this procedure, you can release the purchase requisition only at item level.

07. How Many Types Of Release Procedure Are Available For Po ?

There are two types of release procedures available for PO 

Individual release : In this type of release procedure, you can release only one item at a time. 

Collective release : In this type of release procedure, you can release all the items at a time but using the release code.

08. What Is Invoice Verification ?

Invoice verification is used to store details of vendor invoices and forms an important part of purchasing and inventory management. It consists of entering invoices and credit memos, checking accuracy of invoices in accordance to price, and checking block invoices.

09. What Are The Different Types Of Invoice Verification ?

The different types of invoice verification are as follows 

  • Invoices based on purchase orders 
  •  Invoices based on goods receipts 
  •  Invoices without an order reference

10. What Is Movement Type ?

While implementing the goods movement in an organization, the movement type is required to be entered. It is a three-digit identification key that is entered as per the movement type. The following are the common movement types that are used in SAP: 102: Goods that are receipt against a purchase order 201: Goods that are issued 321: Goods released from quality inspection stock

More interview questions will be posted from time to time, so stay tuned. 

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