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How to submit SCCL CPRMS Digital Life Certificate Online November 2023

 SCCL Life Certificate/Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan)for Post-Retirement Medicare Scheme- Executives/ Non Executives 2023

Click Here to view : For Email  Submission  or 

Follow below steps for Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan) Andriod APP

Step 1

Enter your details follow below examples

12 digit Aadhaar Number : 1234 2354 1234

Mobile Number : 74xxxxxxxx

Email Address  : latestupdates07@gmail.com

Click on Submit 

Step 2 

Enter OTP & Click on Submit.

Step 3

Follow Below Steps

Choose Your PPO Number from here : Select -->ADD New Pension PPO Number 

Enter Full Name as in Aadhar : Latest updates

Type of Pension :  Service

Sanctioning Authority : The Singareni Colleries Company Ltd

Disbursing Agency : The Singareni Colleries Company Ltd

Agency : The Singareni Colleries Company Ltd

Enter PPO Number : Medical Card Number*

Enter Account Number : 123456789

Check mark on : I certify & I understand

Click on Submit & Click on No

Click on Face Scan 


Note :

FOR RETIRED EXECUTIVE (i.e. the primary card holder): CPRMS CARD No. followed by alphabet “E”, Eg: If the MC No. is 1234 then write 1234E

FOR SPOUSE OF RETIRED EXECUTIVES: CPRMS CARD No. followed by alphabet “S” Eg: 1234S

 FOR NON-EXECUTIVES 6 digit MC No. followed by E or S (as the case may be) Eg: 123456E or123456S and For Divyang Children Enter Medical Card no. followed by alphabet “D”

There is no need to submit physical copy.

Downloading the Life Certificate & Printing the same is optional. SCCL will receive the Digital Life Certificate automatically after biometric authentication. The life Certificate status in SCCL portals & relevant databases will be updated after three working days from the date of submission of Digital Life Certificate through Jeevan Pramaan.

*If you require assistance contact us @ Latestupdates07@gmail.com 

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