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SAP Extended Warehouse Management Interview Questions and Answers | EWM

 SAP Extended Warehouse Management(EWM) Interview Questions and Answers

Many organizations ask similar questions during their functional phase of interviews, so I've included some interview questions and answers from EWM Functional in this blog. This will be really useful if you are going to a EWM Functional interview. This page can be used as a quick reference for interviews. Also, attempt to pass along these questions and answers to friends and co-workers who are preparing for EWM interviews.

01. What is SAP Extended Warehouse Management ? 

Inventory management in the warehouse and processing of goods movement are both efficiently handled by SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). It enables the business to manage the movement of goods within the Warehouse as well as the inbound and outbound processes at the warehouse.

02. What are the warehouse management structure elements ?

In a hierarchical structure, the warehouse consists of the following elements 

 I. Warehouse Number 

II. Storage Type 

III. Storage Section 

IV. Storage bin 

V. Activity Area

03. What are the most common Control fields in Replenishment ?

The most common control fields in Replenishment are 

 I. Minimum stocking quantity 

II. Maximum stocking quantity 

III. Replenishment quantity

04. What is a storage bin ? 

 Storage bins represent the physical location of storage space in Warehouse where products are stored. They are at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy, and when you store an item in a Warehouse, you must specify its exact location.

05. How many different ways can we design storage bins ? 

 We can create storage bins in three ways. 

 1. Using T-Code: /SCWM/LS01 

 2. With help of configurations 

 3. Preparing the .CSV format file using transaction code /N/SCWM/SBUP

06. What are the various types of replenishments in EWM ? 

 There are five basic replenishment strategies in EWM, which are as follows: 

 I. Planned replenishment 

II. Order-related replenishment 

III. Crate part replenishment 

IV. Direct replenishment 

V. Automatic replenishment

07. What configuration is required for resource management and queue determination ? 

Resource management 

 I. Define Resource 

 II. Maintain resource group 

III. Maintain q seq for resource grp 

IV. Maintain resource 

 Queue determination 

 I. Define queue type 

 II. Define queue 

III. Define Access sequence 

IV. Define queue determination criteria

08. What is a Batch Master record ? 

The data kept in the system for a batch-managed material is known as a batch master record. It includes details like the expiration date, vendor batch number, vendor number, most recent G/R, etc. A batch number can be manually assigned at G/R or it can be assigned automatically by the system.

09. What are the various attributes of physical inventory in Configuration ? 

1. Define physical inventory area 

2. Assign physical inventory area to activity area 

3. Define number range for physical inventory document 

4. Specify physical inventory specific settings in the warehouse 

5. Define tolerance group for difference analyzer 

6. Define tolerance group for posting difference 

7. Define tolerance group for recounting

More interview questions will be posted from time to time, so stay tuned. 

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