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Guide to create Number Sequence In D365FO Using X++

 Guide create Number Sequence In D365FO Using X++

To create readable, distinctive IDs for master data records and transaction records that need them, number sequences are utilized. A reference is a record of master data or a transaction that needs an identification.

A number sequence must be established and linked to a reference before you may add additional entries for it. Organization administration pages to build up number sequences. If module-specific settings are necessary, you can utilize a module's parameters page to define the number sequences for its references. As an illustration, consider accounts payable and receivable.

Step by step to create Number Sequence In D365FO Using X++

Step 1 :

Create Model  

Click here to Know : How to create Model 

Step 2

Create Table

Click here to Know : How to create Table

Step 3

Create Form

Click here to Know : How to create Form

Step 4 

Create Menu Items & Menu

Click here to Know : How to create Menu Items & Menu

Step 5

Create Class

Example : MonitorIdNumSeq  

Write Below Code

class MonitorIdNumSeq extends NumberSeqApplicationModule


    protected void loadmodule()


        NumberSeqDatatype datatype = NumberSeqDatatype::construct();



        datatype.parmReferenceHelp(Literalstr("Monitor Id"));






        datatype.addParameterType(NumberSeqParameterType::DataArea, true, false);




    public NumberSeqModule numberSeqModule()


        return NumberSeqModule::Cust;



    [SubscribesTo(classStr(NumberSeqGlobal), delegateStr(NumberSeqGlobal,buildModulesMapDelegate))]


    static void buildModuleMapSubscriber(Map _numberseqModuleNameMap)


        NumberSeqGlobal::addModuleToMap(classNum(MonitorIdNumSeq), _numberseqModuleNameMap);





Step 6 

Create Runnable Class(Job)

Write Below Code

class MonitorIdJob


    /// <summary>

    /// Runs the class with the specified arguments.

    /// </summary>

    /// <param name = "_args">The specified arguments.</param>

    public static void main(Args _args)


        MonitorIdNumSeq MonitorIdNumSeq = new MonitorIdNumSeq();





Step 7

Right Click on Runnable Class(Job) Set as Startup Project

Step 8

Right Click on Project Click on Rebuild 

Step 9

Click on Start.

Step 10

Now Click on Organization Administration & Click on Number Sequence

Follow below Image

Step 11

Click on Generate & Click on Next,Next

 Step 12 

Click on Account Receivable & Click on Example Monitor

Successfully Generated Number Sequence :)

Follow Below Video For Better Understanding

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