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Define Document Type for Standard Purchase Order | SAP Materials Management

 Define Document Type for Standard Purchase Order 

Steps to Create Document Type for Standard Purchase Order

Navigation Path : SPRO-->IMG-->Material Management-->Purchasing-->Purchase Order-->Click on Define Document Types.

Step 1 : Follow Below Image

Step 2 : Click on Materials Management  next follow below image

Step 3 : Select NB Standard PO & Click on Copy as

Step 4 : Rename Type , In our scenario we renamed as YT & Click on Enter to continue

Step 5 : Click on Copy all

Step 6 :  Select Created Document Type ex: YT & Click on Allowed Item Categories

Step 7 : Select Required Item Cat. & Click on Link Purchase Requisition

Step 8 : Select Required PR or create New Entries and Save.

Step 9 : Check YT created document type. Go back to main menu and enter transaction code ME21N.

Successfully created Document Type for Standard Purchase Order :)

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