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Guide to create Purchasing Info Record | SAP Materials Management

 Guide to create Purchasing Info Record

Purchasing Info Record

Purchase info records contain details on the conditions of ordering a certain item from a vendor. They are maintained at the vendor and material combination and may include information on pricing and terms, over delivery and under delivery thresholds, scheduled delivery dates, and availability periods.

Both at the level of the purchasing organization and the plant, purchase information records might be maintained.

Four different procurement types—listed below—can each have their own information record.

  • Standard 

Standard orders are detailed in the Standard Info Record (orders include details of vendor and material). This information record will indicate the vendor's cost for providing the specific material

The creation of information records for products and services is possible both with and without master records.

  • Subcontracting
Orders under subcontracts are detailed in the subcontracting information record. This information record will reflect the cost of assembling the raw materials that the ordering party supplies.

  • Pipeline
Information on material supplied by the vendor via pipes is contained in the pipeline information record.

  • Consignment
Information on the items maintained on the ordering party's premises is contained in the consignment info record. The vendors' pricing for removing materials from consignment stock is listed in this information record.

Steps to Create Purchasing Info Record in Sap MM 

Transaction code (T.Code) : ME11

Method One to Open Purchasing Info Record Enter ME11 in the SAP commend area as shown below.

Method Two to Open Purchasing Info Record shown below Image.

Expand Sap Menu-->Expand Logistics-->Expand Materials Management-->Expand Purchasing-->Expand Master Data--> Expand Info Record-->Click on ME11-Create.

Step 1 : Enter below data
  • Vendor : 23421
  • Material : 000000000150000330
  • Purchasing Organization : L11
  • Plant  : LU1
Click on Enter

Step 2 : Enter Description 

Example : Steel Info

Click on Enter

Step 3 : Enter below data

  • Delivery Time : 5 Days
  • Standard Quantity : 500 KG
  • Minimum Quantity : 100 KG
  • Net Price : 50 EUR
Click on Enter

Click on Enter

Click on Enter

Click on Yes 

Successfully Created Purchasing Info Record :)

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