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Assign standard purchasing organization to plant

 Assign standard purchasing organization to plant

The next setup step is to assign purchasing organization to company code in SAP after you've defined standard purchasing organization and plant in SAP. Assigning standard purchasing organization to plant in SAP creates the link between standard purchasing organization and plant.

To Assign standard purchasing organization to Plant in SAP MM, follow the steps below :

Transaction code (T.Code) : OMKI

Navigation Path : SPRO-->Sap Reference IMG-->Enterprise Structure-->Assignment-->Materials Management-->Assign standard purchasing organization to Plant.

Step 1 : Enter SPRO in the SAP commend area as shown below.

Click on SAP Reference IMG

Step 2 : Expand Enterprise Structure--> Expand Assignment-->Expand Materials Management-->Click on Assign standard purchasing organization to Plant, follow below image.

Step 3 : Click on Position and Enter  Plant, Example: "LU1" . Hit on Enter or Click on Check Mark.

Step 4 :  Enter Standard Purchasing Organization 

Click on Save.

Successfully Assigned Standard Purchasing Organization to Plant :)

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