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Current Affairs Today Quiz 21st February 2022

 Current Affairs Today Quiz 21st February 2022

01. Digital platforms will have to disclose required information within how many hours, according to the new Information Technology Rules?

A. 60 Hours

B. 72 Hours

C. 70 Hours

D. 48 Hours

02. In which African country has a Polio outbreak recently been declared?

A. Malawi

B. Ethiopia

C. DR Congo

D. Egypt

03. In the US Green Building Council's (USGBC) yearly ranking, where does India rank in the world for LEED certified green buildings in 2021?

A. 8th Rank

B. 9th Rank

C. 3rd Rank

D. 10th Rank

04. Which country has been the first to allow civilian drones in its airspace?

A. Japan

B. Turkey

C. Israel

D. Canada

05. What percentage of Union Bank of India's share in IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company, a joint venture between Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, and Carmel Point Investments, will be acquired by Bank of Baroda?

A. 15 Percent

B. 16 Percent

C. 19 Percent

D. 21 Percent

06. Which state has appointed Rajnish Seth as its new DGP ?

A. Haryana

B. Rajasthan

C. Maharashtra

D. Kerala

07. Dabur India Has become the ______ Indian company to have plastic waste neutral 

A. Second

B. Third

C. First

D. Fourth

08. Which actor is the brand ambassador for Bihar's Khadi and other handicrafts?

A. Manoj Tiwari

B. Arjun Kapoor

C. Abhishek Bachchan

D. Ajay Devgn

09. Every year, when is World Meteorological Day observed?

A. 20th March

B. 21st March

C. 23rd March

D. 24th March

10. For $15 million, Jio Platforms acquired what percentage of TWO Platforms, a deep-tech startup based in the United States?

A. 25 Percent

B. 27 Percent

C. 26 Percent

D. 28 Percent

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