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Step by step guide to Install Java on Windows 10

How to Install Java on Windows 10

Before downloading and installing Java follow this steps :

Step I : Right click on windows Start button and click on Run.

Step II : Type CMD click Ok.

Step III : Type Java -version and press enter.

If you get like this  'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. 

Follow Below Steps :

To download the Java Sdk 16.0.1 Scroll down to find the link. after downloading follow this steps.

Step 1: Run the downloaded java installer file. Simply double click on the file thereon and follow the steps. After double click on the file screen will appear like this.

Click Yes to continue installation

Click Next to Continue Java Installation

Click Change button if you want to change file installation destination or Click Next to continue Java Installation.

Java Installation Successfully Completed .😎wait not yet over.

Step 2 :

Now Open File Installed Drive : In My Case it is  C Drive. Next Click Program Files

Now open  Java Folder , Open Jdk- 16.0.1 folder

Now Open  bin Folder

Next Follow Below Image

Step 3:

Click On Windows Search Button And Type : Environment, Click Edit the system Environment Variables.

Now Click On Advance Tab and click Environment variables 

Now Double click On Path 

Now Click On New Button And Paste Step 2 (Copied Text) Here 

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-16.0.1\bin

Press ok button

Step 4 : Repeat Below Steps Again 

Step I : Right click on windows Start button and click on Run.

Step II : Type CMD click Ok.

Step III : Type Java -version and press enter.

Before Java Installation :

After Java Installation :

Java Installation Successfully Done 😍

Click Here To Download : Java Jdk 16.0.1

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