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Current Affairs Today Quiz 24th February 2022

  Current Affairs Today Quiz 24th February 2022

01. Which country will host the 'Cobra Warrior' air exercise?

A. Japan 

B. South Korea

C. Malaysia

D. United Kingdom

02. Which country has successfully tested its new C-Dome naval air defence system?

A. France

B. Israel

C. Russia

D. Australia

03. The PM Cares for Children Scheme has been extended to the_________ by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

A. 27th February

B. 28th February

C. 1st March

D. 3rd March

04. In February 2022, how many parachute battalions received the prestigious 'President's Colours,' or 'Nishan,' as they are known in the Army, from Chief of the Army Staff General M M Naravane?

A. 3

B. 2

C. 1

D. 4

05. Noted KPAC Lalitha, a Malayalam actress, died in February 2022. The Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award was given to her in which year?

A. 2007

B. 2006

C. 2009

D. 2010

06. Which of the following companies will open a cyber security centre in Bengaluru to address the concerns of its clients in Asia Pacific (APAC)?

A. Accenture

B. Infosys

C. Microsoft

D. IBM Corp.

07. Navi Nifty Midcap 150 Index Fund has been launched by Navi Mutual Fund. For the direct plan, the fund's total expense ratio (TER) will be what percent?

A. 0.11 Percent

B. 0.15 Percent

C. 0.12 Percent

D. 0.13 Percent

08. Dabur India has formed an exclusive partnership with which of the following to enable direct access to Dabur's goods to roughly 14 crore Indane LPG user households across India?

A. Indian Oil

B. Reliance

C. Bharat Petroleum


09. Which country agreed to the 'Roadmap on Blue Economy and Ocean Governance' with India?

A. Russia

B. France

C. Israel

D. Japan

10. Which country won the most medals at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

A. Norway

B. Canada

C. Japan

D. China

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