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Daily Current Affairs Quiz Set-14

Daily Current Affairs Quiz Set-14
1. ________ was conferred the “Honoris Causa” Doctor of Science recently by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur during its 49th convocation ceremony.
1) Viswanathan Anand 
2) Leander Paes
3) Sachin Tendulkar 
4) Sania Mirza
5) Saina Nehwal 
Answer:- 1) Viswanathan Anand
2. The two women, Noor Huda Roslan and Nenney Shuhaidah Shamsuddin, were appointed as judges of Islamic Shariah High Court for the first time in the history of
1) Indonesia 
2) Malaysia
3) Pakistan 
4) Bangladesh
5) Afghanistan 
Answer:- 2) Malaysia
3. Jim Yong Kim, who visited India, recently, is the present president of which of the following international organisations?
1) WTO 
2) ADB
3) AIIB 
4) World Bank
5) IMF 
Answer:- 4) World Bank
4. The Govt approved the MoU between India and Tanzania for bilateral cooperation in water resources management and development. The capital city of Tanzania is
1) Nassau 
2) Dodoma
3) Yerevan 
4) Luanda
5) Tirana 
Answer:- 2) Dodoma
5. India successfully test-fired the ballistic missile “Barak-8” recently from Balasore district of Odisha. The missile has been developed with
1) US 
2) France
3) Russia 
4) Germany
5) Israel 
Answer:- 5) Israel
6. KG Subramanyan passed away recently. He was a renowned
1) singer 
2) classical dancer
3) film director 
4) architect
5) sculptor and painter 
Answer:- 5) sculptor and painter
7. Which of the following countries successfully launched its second Shijian-16 series satellite recently for space research and experiments?
1) South Korea 
2) China
3) Malaysia 
4) Venezuela
5) Italy 
Answer:- 2) China
8. Which of the following fighter aircrafts was commissioned into the Indian Air Force in Bengaluru recently?
1) MIG 29 
2) Rafale
3) Tejas 
4) Sukhoi Su-30MKI
5) F-16 
Answer:- 3) Tejas
9. The Union Cabinet has approved the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission which was headed by
1) Ashok Kumar Mathur 
2) Meena Agarwal
3) Rathin Roy 
4) Vivek Rae
5) BS Chauhan 
Answer:- 1) Ashok Kumar Mathur
10. Which of the following teams won the 2016 Champions Trophy title (women’s)?
1) UK 
2) Netherlands
3) Argentina 
4) Malaysia
5) Australia 
Answer:- 3) Argentina

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